ServicesTo the court of lawTo the public      
Physical examination of ink and paper and adhesive materials √ 
Examination of type scripts, type writer’s printed matter, stamp impressions
Examination of all types of forensic documents
Identification of handwriting & signatures, detection of forgery
Decipherment of alterations, erasures & obliterations, additions and substitutions, etc ... Examination of travel documents.
Sequence of strokes
Examination of charred & mutilated documents
Matters relating to the age of the documents.Examination of counterfeit currency
Examination of Lottery Tickets
Any query regarding a document as to its genuineness or otherwise
Examination of built-up/ fabricated documents
Examination of revenue stamps, postal stamps and any document relative to revenue  
Examination of Xerox copies and identification of photocopy machines

 Digital Forensic

ServicesTo the court of lawTo the public      
Digital Data Analysis                                                                                                  √ 
Digital Image Analysis
Digital Audio Analysis
Digital Biometric Analysis

  Serology and DNA

ServicesTo the court of lawTo the public      
 Parantage analysis  √
 Establishment of the identity of unidentified dead bodies & human remains  √  
 Identification and comparison of body fluids  √  
 Vehicle accident reconstruction  √ √ 


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