Potable water, Bottled water and trade effluents were received and analysed in the water section using latest technology.

water2In order to assure the quality of the results water section have obtained Accreditation-ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 for the parameters Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) for Industrial effluents and for the trace elements of potable water and Bottled Drinking water. Receive water samples from the authorized officers from Ministry of health (Medical officers, Food and drug inspectors, public health inspectors) and other authorized officers from consumer affair’s authority, Sri Lanka Navy, Air Force, and Army, President security division, Prime minister’s security division(PHI, SPHI, F& DI, and Investigation Officers).

  • Analyze and issue quality reports (Chemical and Elemental) for potable water (Tap water, well water, and other water sources), Bottled drinking water and various kinds of industrial effluents for various Govt. Institutions and co operations under the requirements of Food Regulations and other Sri Lanka Standards.

Eg: Potable water : Requirements of SLS (614:2013)
Bottled water : Food (bottled or packaged water) Regulation -2005
Industrial effluents : Tolerance limits under SLS standards for different types of industries such as rubber, textile and fish culture, etc.

  • Analyze and Issue water quality reports for the submitted bottled water samples by Food Control and Administration Unit (FCAU) for re registration of Bottled water factories.
  • Conduct training programs for the Medical Officers,Public Health Inspectors, Navy/Air Force medical assistants and undergraduates from universities.
  • Actively participate as a member of the Food Advisory Committee in formulating new regulations and creating new policy decisions on water
  • Actively participate in Drafting Committees and Sectorial Committees of Sri Lanka Standards Institution for formulating new Sri Lanka standards on water.
  • Act as a member of different committees under the Central Environmental Authority and Environmental and Natural Resource Ministry for formulating new regulations, creating policy and decision making on the projects.
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