The Experts in the milk analytical Section mainly analyse various milk and milk products for quality and safety aspects to ensure that products conform to the food  regulations and labelling requirements of Sri Lanka. Our laboratory currently have a range of high end analytical instrumentation to facilitate our analytical works.

Activities of Milk Division

  • Analyse and issue reports (under Food Act No: 26 1980) for the milk samples submitted by the authorized officers of the Health Dept. (Food Control and Administration Unit (FCAU), MOH, Food & Drug Inspectors, PHI, etc), the Court of Law, Dept. of Customs, Consumer Affairs Authority, Sri Lanka Standards Institution and other Government Institutions.
  • Provide expert opinion based on Sri Lanka Food Regulations and Sri Lanka Food standards.
  • Conduct lectures and workshops for Medical Officers, Food and Drug Inspectors, Public Health Inspectors and other authorized officers in relevant authorities.
  • Actively participate as a member of the Food Advisory Committee in formulating new regulations and creating new policy decisions on milk.
  • Actively participate in Drafting Committees and Sectorial Committees of Sri Lanka Standards Institution for formulating new Sri Lanka standards.


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