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The Experts in the Forensic Toxicology Section carryout a comprehensive range of analysis to identify poisons for Medico Legal Purposes.

Activities of Toxicology Section

  • Analyse the Biological Specimens removed from post mortem of victims of suspicious deaths and sudden deaths, submitted by JMOs and Court of Law for the identification of drugs and other poisons such as Cyanide, Pesticides, Acids and Carbon monoxide etc.
  • Analyse blood and urine Specimens for alcohol and drugs in suspected cases of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs and fatal traffic accident cases.
  • Examine the exhibits found at the scene of crime (such as tablets, poison bottles, remaining food etc) for the presence of drugs/poisons and acid etc.
  • Issuing reports to the relevant officers on the results of the examinations mentioned under 1,2,3.
  • Provide training and lectures for JMOs, Police Officers, Postgraduate Diploma Students other special investigating officers.
  • Giving Expert testimony in the Court of Law.

Recommandations on Containers for the Sample Collection and Packaging of Specimens for Forensic Toxicological Examination

Test tube 50 ml conical in polypropylene, red screw cap lid graduated with self-standing base, frosted or paper label


Test tube 10 ml in polypropylene with self-standing base, preferably red screw cap lid, graduated, frosted or paper label


2% sodium fluoride has to be added as a preservative, whenever necessary. For blood alcohol determination it is compulsory to add Sodium fluoride as a preservative.

Test tube 10 ml in polypropylene with self-standing base, screw cap lid, graduated, frosted or paper label.


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