Serology and DNA

The Forensic Experts in the Serology Section examine and analyze body fluids and other physical evidence recovered as evidence in violent crimes. Visit crime scenes related to homicide and road traffic accidents. Examination and analysis of significant biological and physical evidence include blood stains, semen stains, hair, blood patterns, fibres, glass, paint, scratch marks, tool marks, foot impressions etc. are generally conducted.

Activities of the Serology Section

  • Forensic Experts in the Serology Section visit scenes of crimes when necessary, for the identification of body fluid stains, blood pattern analysis and for reconstruction of the scene. Common types of crimes are stabbing, assault, rape and hit & run incidents.
  • Examine the evidence pertaining to the cases of murder and rape.
  • Examine suspicious vehicles and scenes in alleged road traffic accidents.
  • Expert testimony in Courts of Law.
  • Conduct lectures to Judicial Medical Officers, Police Officers and other Law Enforcement Authorities.