The Forensic Experts in the Miscellaneous Section examine all the other kind of physical evidence which cannot be specifically classified under other disciplinary.

Activities of the Miscellaneous Section

  • Examination of the Chassis Numbers & Engine Numbers of Vehicles in suspicious vehicles to determine whether they are authentic or forged.
    Log ends and stumps ends are matched in cases of theft of timber.
  • The ends of suspected telegraph wires are matched with the ends remaining at the telegraph stouts in cases of stolen telegraph wires.
  • The coir ends of ropes found in cases of murder by strangulation etc are matched with the coir ends of suspected ropes.
  • The paint flakes found in a scene of accident are matched with the paint on a suspected vehicle in hit and run cases.
  • Expert Testimony in Courts of Law.
  • Conduct lectures to the Police Officers on Crime Investigation.