Firearms & Ballistics

The Forensic experts in the Forensic and Ballistics section examine various types of firearms and ammunitions and investigate into crimes, committed using firearms. The common case productions examined in the section are firearms used in crimes, component parts of firearms, types of ammunitions, spent cartridge cases, bullets etc.

Activities of the Ballistics Section

  • Examination of the firearms and other related components. The firearms include various type of guns such as automatic rifles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, muzzle loading guns, home made pistols, repeater guns, sniper rifles, machine guns, air guns etc.
  • In addition, forensic experts in the Ballistics section, extend their services in crime scene investigation in shooting cases including examination of vehicles.
  • Expert testimony in Courts of Law.
  • Conduct lectures to Judicial Medical Officers, Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Ballistic experts are attending to boards appointed by the Ministry of Defense.
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