Explosives and Fire Investigation

The Forensic experts in the Explosives section examine evidence associated with explosives related crimes such as explosions, possession of explosives or possession of bombs and other explosive devices. Deloused components of explosive devices such as hand grenades locally made explosive devices and other improvised explosive devices are also examined in this section.

Activities of the Explosives and Fire Investigation Section

  • Bulk explosives and the explosive filler of explosive devices are chemically examined to determine the type of explosive. When such items are produced from the Courts of Law/ Police, after the examination a scientific report is issued to the relevant Law Enforcement Authorities.
  • The Forensic experts in the Explosive Section also extend their services in post explosion investigations especially in terrorist bombings. Scene investigation involves identification of the bomb debris, the possible triggering mechanism of the bomb, type of the device and the analysis of debris for explosive residues.
  • The officers of the section also assist the police in fire investigation of suspicious fires in buildings, vehicles etc. Further, laboratory analysis of debris collected from the origin of a fire is carried out to determine the presence of any fire accelerants.
  • Provide investigation and consultancy service to the other private organizations such as Insurance Companies in their investigations on fraudulent claims against fire Insurance Policies.
  • Expert testimony in Courts of Law.
  • Conduct lectures to the Judicial Medical Officers, Police Officers and other Law Enforcement Authorities.