1904, was very important land mark in the history of the Government Analyst's Department. The first Government Analyst Professor K. C. Browning was appointed on September 1904. Prior to the 1904, the work of the Government Analyst has been carried out by various medical officers in addition to their normal duties.

From the start, the department had been a service department on scientific subjects. As the nature and volume of work increased, for convenience the department was divided into two main divisions.

  • The Food and Drug Division
    • Forensic Division

In 1935, a new division was established to examine forensic questioned documents, which was named as Government Questioned Document Division.

It is significant to note that the government analyst establishment was formed into a separate Government Department on July 1913. In 1940, the first Ceylonese Government Analyst Mr. W.R. Chanmugam was appointed.

In 1934, the building was allocated to the department at Torrington square. The Government Analyst was also appointed as an expert in the study of cannabis problem in 1938. In 1949, food and drug act was passed and the Government Analyst was appointed as the approved analyst. A post of Additional Government Analyst was created in 1974. The judicial officers conference was held in 1975, decided to make a full analytical report on unlawfully manufactured liquor by the government analyst and it has been continued up to date.

In 2004, The Government Analyst's Department celebrated her 100 year.

In 2005 the Government Analyst post was up grated to Director General States. Simultaneously the Additional Government Analyst, Deputy Government Analyst, Government Examiner of Questioned Documents posts were up grated to Director Status in the Public Service.